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Tortilla Making Equipment

There is a wide range of equipment for making tortillas and most of them can be classified into two broad categories--those for individual use and those that are used in commercial/industrial settings. They are also known by many different names of which 'tortilla press' is the most common. Other names are descriptive of their materials, use or mode of operation:

Tortilla Maker                                                                             

Tortilla Maker Machine

Electric Tortilla Maker

Roti Maker

Cast Iron Tortilla press

Flour Tortilla Press

Corn Tortilla Press

Wooden Tortilla Press

Commercial Tortilla Press

Tortilla Machine

and so on...

All of these do essentially the same thing, irrespective of their names.  For example, 'roti makers' are simply Indian (as in India) adaptations because a 'roti' is exactly the same thing as a 'tortilla'.  Likewise, 'flour tortilla presses' make corn tortilla too--they are the same thing. Cast iron is the material of choice for experienced tortilla makers nowadays but wooden tortilla presses are favored in Mexican households though difficult to buy outside of Mexico. Hand-rolled tortillas are the norm in both Mexico and India using a roller. Presses are also commonly made of aluminum and plastic.  Electric tortilla presses are very common for today's busy households as are electric tortilla making machinery for restaurants and other commercial tortilla making operations.

Before the actual pressing or rolling, tortillas need to have gone through the dough making stage and here the preferred method is to use a dough mixer although again, in Mexico and India, most households roll the dough by hand.

And since tortillas are best eaten as fresh as possible, an essential piece of equipment is the tortilla warmer which is available widely and doubles as a handly general food table server.

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